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Why does Dollfus & Muller have so many styles of dryer belts?

All the machines are not working with the same temperature, same speed or same fabrics. That’s why, we have several kinds of conveyors adapted to each kind of process. The composition of the conveyor is in relation with the temperature resistance of the conveyor. In our case, we have :        

  • Polyester conveyors up to 160°C
  • PPS (Ryton) conveyors up to 180°C
  • Nomex® conveyors up to 230°C
  • Peek conveyors up to 230°C
  • Fibreglass conveyors resisting up to 260°C

Beside the temperature many other parameters are important for a good belt recommendation: the speed, the width, the types of colorants, the types of fabrics. For instance concerning speed of your machine, for a rotary printing dryer where the speed is between 40 and 100m/mn we will not advise a rigid quality because it will break in a short time. We will recommend a flexible quality adapted to the temperature and the fabric.

The best is to give us the maximum information about your process to allow us to advise you the most appropriate quality for your process.


Nomex® is a DuPont de Nemours registered trademark