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Model manufactured by KLIEVERIK


Graphic transfer printing calender for manmade fibres

This calender has especially been designed for the sublimation and dye fixation of prints, made by a digital printer. The immediate transfer or dye fixation of the printed image creates a totally different approach of the production of advertising materials. The image can be altered by means of a computer and can be printed with a digital printer on paper while preserving every photographic-sharp detail, which can be transferred immediately (or in a later stadium if needed) onto the fabric. A major advantage of the system is that the printed material does not require any pre or after-treatment. The calender can also be used for the dye fixation of directly printed digital prints.

Advantages of the graphic transfer printing system

• Low energy consumption because of small drum size.

• Possibility to work from roll to roll or just with a single printed item by means of an optional in feed table.

• Excellent print quality because of the even temperature over the total width of the drum.

• High colour yield and good definition.

• Very good light and wet fastness.

• Solvent free system, no odour and environmental friendly.

• Process does not require any special pre-treatment of the cloth and no after-treatment of the finished product.

Technical specifications

• Available working widths: • 1650 mm, 2100 mm, 3200 mm.

• Mechanical speed: 0,2 - 2 m/min.

• Temperature: 0 - 220°C. Contact time: 200 - 10 sec.


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