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200 years

Dollfus & Muller was proud to celebrate its 200 years anniversary.

Both companies that formed Dollfus & Muller, Dollfus & Noack and Manufacture Muller were created in 1811.

Dollfus & Muller factory during the 200 years celebration    Dollfus & Muller factory visit during the 200 years celebration

The 22nd of July 2011 a big celebration was organized at the factory for each Dollfus & Muller employee and his/her family, as well as for all former Dollfus & Muller employees. More than 200 people joined this event and made it successful. This moment will remain in the employees memory for a long time !


Dollfus & Muller employees, their families and the former employees during the 200 years celebration on 22nd of July 2011


Dollfus & Muller celebrated as well its anniversary with its agents during ITMA at Barcelona, Spain the 23rd of September in 2011 and during Tanning Tech at Bologna, Italy the 11th of October 2011.

the Dollfus & Muller factory : one of the needle board on the needle punching lines

the Dollfus & Muller factory : the yarn preparation before weaving of some textile dryer conveyors

the Dollfus & Muller factory : the weaving department chief standing proudly in front of an old very well working weaving machine

the Dollfus & Muller factory : the weaving machine preparation

the Dollfus & Muller factory : One of the needle punching lines that manufacture endless felts


the Dollfus & Muller factory : Heat setting of the compacting felt