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Dollfus & Muller Services

Dollfus & Muller, the best service

Quick delivery time, belt repairing, felt and belt mounting and starting

Dollfus & Muller stock for immediate deliveriesDollfus & Muller can supply you some of its standard products within 24h00, repair your dryer belt to expand its life and make your felt, belt mounting, starting directly on your machines.


Dollfus & Muller keeps for you stock of standard felt sizes and of semi finished dryer belts.

It allows supplies of its standard products immediately in case of emergency situations. This can avoid for you machinery stoppage and to store the felts and belts.

New joint and edges, patches are some of the repairs Dollfus & Muller technicians are doing all the time in order to increase the dryer belt life. As well, a dryer belt repair kit is available for you in order to make the first repairs by yourselves.


Dryer belt reparation

Dollfus & Muller technicians are available in order to make the felt or belt mounting and starting. This secures the best performances for the felts and belts, as well as for the machines.






the Dollfus & Muller factory : a textile dryer belt TAMIP GT 40 jointing made on request

the Dollfus & Muller factory : a textile dryer belt TAMIP C 928 RR cutting made on request