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Non woven applications : woven fabrics

Thermobonding belts,

Schema conveyorDollfus & Muller manufactures different woven fabrics for non woven manufacturing. Its main products are for the thermobonding ovens and nonwoven cards.


Schema thermoliageThermobonding process bonds the fibres together in order to create a pad of fibres which is used afterwards in bed furnishing, winter clothes ,…

This process requires high temperature (150 up to 200°C / 300 up to 380°F) which melts the fibres together. This process uses two belts which create pressure on the pad. The process itself has two stages : the high temperature stage to bond the fibres and a cooling chamber at the end of the process (50°C / 100°F) in order to fix the fibres.

These thermobonding conveyor belts are used on the following machines : Santex, Fleissner, Schott & Meissner, Aztec, Bombi,…

The main other woven fabrics for non wovens are antistatic belts, drylaid belts, spunlaid belts, wetlaid belts.

Belts required for a wide range of positions in nonwoven industries 

Positions and applications : 

 TAMIP C 166 AS  Forming                                     Strutural woven belt Patterning

 Polyester open mesh weave  Conveyor / Transfer                     Woven belt Dewatering / Drying

 TAMIP C 913 Z Impregnation / Saturator               TAMIP GT 40 Thermo - bonding

 Low airflow polyester woven fabrics Hydro - entanglement

Guiding and reinforcement : 

V guide on TAMIP C 166 AS belt Stitched V-guide : with high resistance yarn

Resin edge reinforcement Coated edges : with polyurethane resin

Hi-flex edge on TAMIP GT 40 belt Heat sealed : hi-flex edges with Teflon®

High quality seams : 

Endless joint Endless : non marking seam for cantilevered machines

Roltex joint Roltex :  non marking seam for non cantilevered machines

Rolclip joint Rolclip : smooth surface made with an inserted PEEK spiral

Kevlar® joint Kevlar® sandwich seam : with PEEK spiral


Teflon® and Kevlar® are DuPont de Nemours registered trademarks