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Sanfor rubber belts and other spare parts for Sanfor machines

Dollfus & Muller supplies most of the spare parts of the Sanfor machines, such as the rubber belt, the Palmer felt , the felt pads, the steaming cylinder fabrics and the roll coverings.

Steam fabric   Rubber belt   Palmer felt    Felt pad  Roll covering

The Sanfor rubber belt gives the shrinkage in the compressive shrinking unit, the steam fabric covers the steaming roll in order to spray evenly the steam, the Palmer felt dries the fabric, the felt pads either cleans the Palmer drum or sprays evenly the water in the shrinkage unit, finally the roll covering improves the guiding of the Palmer felt.

These sanfor rubber belts and other accessories are used on the following machines : Monforts, Morrison, Brückner, Cibitex, Muzzi, Tepa, Sperotto, Dhall, Yamuna, Ronson, Swastik, Poong Kwang, Bisio, Daroitex, Paganini, Texima, Kyoto …

Rubber belt


Product Description Quality Characteristics
 Composition Thickness
(in mm)
Steaming cylinder
fabrics or felts
Original woven quality DASZ 100% Polyester 0,1 240
Steaming cylinder
fabrics or felts
High steam resistant woven quality HZ 23 100% Aramid 0,2 210
Steaming cylinder
fabrics or felts
High steam resistant felted quality HZ 40 100% Aramid
2,5 390
Rubber belt Compressive belt Rubber belt Rubber 67
(between 50 to 72)
Felt pads Cooling of the rubber belt
in the shrinking unit
RAC 200 30% Acrylic/
70% Polyester
6 2000
Felt pads Cleaning of the Palmer
heating drum
L 200 - 300 100% Wool
8 2000 - 3000
Roll covering Covering the guiding cylinder
of the Palmer unit
DM 3 Synthetic rubber 1,8 1600