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the MONFORTEX Model manufactured by MONFORTS for Denim applications



Compressive shrinkage ranges from Monforts produce top quality worldwide. There is a choice of two range systems for the finishing and shrinking of denim:

The range sizes are designed for the desired production speeds.



with cylinder dryers - the traditional and proven finishing and shrinking method in a single process.


For the highest quality standards. The fabric is wetted in the padder. The excess water is then evaporated on a cylinder dryer. Ecologically safe shrinking on high-performance rubber belt shrinking ranges of single or tandem design for fabric speeds up to 80 metres per minute.



With modern range engineering and innovative application technology, denim can be finished today far more easily and more effectively than ever before.

Traditional process steps can now be completely eliminated. The closely harmonised Monforts technology plays a key role here.

The special design details of the new Thermex hotflue with integral stretching unit make it particularly suitable for denim finishing. With significantly lower stretching forces than in a normal stretching unit, the fabric is treated more gently with the result of a finished width and fabric appearance with an exact weft thread draft.

The drying treatment in the hotflue permits a considerably more precise temperature control than with the conventional drying methods and hence more precise residual moisture contents before shrinking.


Schema Monfortex Vacu-Foam

In combination with Vacu-Foam foam application units, a higher production speed can be achieved in conjunction with the hotflue drying.

The drying of denim in the hotflue requires significantly less space than with other range systems. For denim articles with elastane fibres, a fixing step for fabric stabilisation is possible by heating up the fabric in the hotflue and fixing the width under control on a short stretching section.

Selected range examples for new finishing methods for denim:

  • Range with foam application. Hotflue with stretching unit function. For classic woven fabrics. Also for woven fabrics with elastane fibres in the weft if they are previously washed and dried. Without fixing of the elastane fibres.
  • Range configuration for articles of 100% cotton and of cotton with elastane fibres. With washing machines and hotflue/stenter combination as fixing section for the cotton/elastane fabric.
  • Range configuration for various treatment processes. With washing machines and hotflue/stenter combination in continuous line configuration for fixing of the elastane fibres. Monforts offers complete finishing lines for finishing, over-dyeing, stripping, bleaching, desizing, mercerising and for fixing.

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