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Dynajet and Dollfus & Muller

Dynajet is a department of Dollfus & Muller

Dynajet is a brand of Dollfus & Muller which is specialized in fire retardant wide widths fabrics for ink jet printing.

Dynajet works in close collaboration with printers in order to supply the best textile medias that will be printed to manufacture lightboxes, flags, banners, kakemonos, display systems, reproduction of Arts, wall coverings for indoor advertising, decoration, events.

On the other hand, Dollfus & Muller develops, manufactures and sells endless belts and felts for various machineries among them textile finishing machineries and tannery machines, net conveyors for various dryers among them textile finishing dryers and thermobonding ovens. The fabric or the leather processed with the Dollfus & Muller felts and belts are mostly used in Automotive, furniture and clothing.               

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