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Belts for carpet yarn processing

Dollfus & Muller manufactures open mesh transport belts for heat setting the carpet yarn in Suessen Power Heat Set machines. The Dollfus & Muller belts can be either in Kevlar® or fibre glass in order to work at 200°C.

Heat setting is a term used in the textile industry to describe a thermal process. The effect of this process gives fibers, yarns or fabric dimensional stability and very often other desirable attributes like higher volume, wrinkle resistance or temperature resistance. 

DOLLFUS & MULLER can supply the TAMIP conveyor belts used on the Carpet Heat setting lines. In today's heatset processes the yarn is usually deposited on a belt and then fed horizontally to the heatset process. With the belt system the yarns lie on the belt in offset layers, with the underside touching the conveyor belt. This means that the yarn, viewed over its length, has different heatset conditions as a result of covering or touching. The steam can get more easily on the upper side of the yarn layers than on the lower side. With the respect to the lower side it has to be said that the steam condenses on the conveyor belt and that different parts of the yarn come in contact with moisture.

The Dollfus & Muller's transport belts are of open mesh and are always by six pieces in the carpet yarn heat setting machines.