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Our References

Introduction to our references:

  • Mr Ramesh CHANDAR's testimony

    Hello, I am S.B.Ramesh Chandar, the Chief Executive of Lords Consultancies and the Agent of M/s.Dollfus Muller, France for South India.

    The name Dollfus Muller and the quality of their products are well known worldwide and it is a great honour to represent them.

    We have started selling their felts for compacting machines in the knitwear capital of India, Tirupur since 2008. The Tirupur market was using felts from all the manufacturers. The customers were complaining of non transperency and unstablity of price with the other manufacturers. The quality and life of the felts were inconsistant and the customers were praying for some good manufacturers to stepin to meet their requirements.

    When we started marketing in 2008, the market was slow in recognising M/s.Dollfus Muller, obviously due to their experiences with other manufacturers. One customer after the other tried M/s.Dollfus Muller's felts and they realised, the felts were giving better shrinkage control and life. The price uniformity and fairness was introduced and since then there is no looking back for M/s.Dollfus Muller in South India. Now, M/s.Dollfus Muller commands more sales compared to any other manufacturers and the future looks bright.

    The Company M/s.Dollfus Muller, their Executives are excellent and their after sales service is very much supporting which every customer is happy about. The shrinkage control what M/s.Dollfus Muller gives is not matched in the market. the R&D of M/s.Dollfus Muller is strong and they keep improving the felts and listening to market feedback.

    It is a proud moment that, M/s.Dollfus Muller is celebrating their 200th Anniversary and it is great honour to take part in their celebrations. I wish M/s.Dollfus Muller to stay at the top for 100s of years to come and serve the Industry as it does always.

    Salute to M/s.Dollfus Muller.


    S B Ramesh Chandar

     Chief Executive

    Lords Consultancies

    Textile exclusive agent for Dollfus & Muller in Tirupur, India

  • Mr Michael XU's testimony

    Mr Michael XU

    For the last two years, I have been promoting and selling the Dollfus & Muller tannery felts, I can reassure all concerning the Dollfus & Muller felt quality.

    I am currently selling the Dollfus & Muller felts all over China. We establish collaboration with main OEMs in China. We have distributors in Guandong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and Hebei provinces and we keep stock of standard felt sizes in Shanghai.

    I mostly sell Dollfus & Muller ironing and embossing felts EMBO for Bergi, Rotopia, Shanghai Sunhome and Nantong Sirui machines, as well as Dollfus & Muller sammying felts ESCO for Bauce, Young Pearl, Huzhou Erquing machines.

    From my previous experience with the Albany felts for more than 6 years I am pleased to confirm that I am impressed by the Dollfus & Muller tannery felts and service.


    Michael XU

    Shanghai Asiao

    Tannery exclusive agent for whole China

  • BATSON company's testimony

    Mrs Caroline STEWARTLouis P. Batson Company has proudly represented Dollfus & Muller to the United States and Canadian markets for over a decade. We enjoy a strong relationship with their knowledgeable and responsive associates, many of whom have been with D&M since long before our relationship began. Our long standing customers have been well served with timely delivery of quality products.

    While our early sales success was to the traditional textile industry, Dollfus & Muller's focus on belts for nonwoven applications allowed us to grow our sales of their products. Our customers are equally impressed with the quality of workmanship in both their oven belts and their felts. Dollfus & Muller has provided us the ability to provide custom solutions for the unique challenges faced by our customers. Their attention to details and continued product innovation gives us an edge on gaining and maintaining customer loyalty for Dollfus & Muller products.



    Louis P. Batson Company

    Textile exclusive agent of Dollfus & Muller for whole USA and Canada

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