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Belts for coating lines

Dollfus & Muller manufactures dryer open mesh conveyor belts made for instance of fibreglass that are used in fabric coating factories.

Many fabric coating factories use belt dryers in their process. These dryers use generally fibre glass belt type TAMIP GT 40 with a 4x4 mesh in order to allow a good fabric drying. The Dollfus & Muller dryer belts for coating factories can wisthand temperatures up to 260°C.

The Dollfus & Muller's dryer belts have different finishings :

  • edges : sewed or melted
  • joint : standard sandwich or non sticking

In case of urgent situations such as an accident in the dryer, Dollfus & Muller can manufacture the dryer belts for coating factories within 24 hours in order to avoid a too long machine stop.