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Airslide fabrics for Plaster processing

The Dollfus & Muller's fluidization fabrics AIRCO are used for the plaster processing to secure smoothly loading/unloading bulk plaster powder transport by truck (silo), train (wagon) or boat, silo discharge, mixing, storage, distribution and transport bulk plaster powder.


The selection of the weave and the yarns in the AIRCO airslide range contributes to accurate uniform air porosity. An appropriate weave structure regulates the airflow through the fabric. A loose, medium or dense weave structure results in air porosity being high, medium or low as desired. The weave structure pre-determined limits of porosity which permits only a specific volume of air to permeate at a desired water gauge pressure through the airslide fabric.


The choice of the airslide AIRCO construction is made after taking into account the characteristics of the plaster powder that must be transported such as:

  • degree of humidity
  • temperature
  • granulometry

and can be reconfirmed by a test on our equipments available in the Dollfus & Muller's laboratory (1 kg of powder is then required).


The AIRCO airslides are produced by DOLLFUS & MULLER to the special specifications of our customers, cut and tailored perfectly in our mill in size, adjusted in shape according to each application in cone form or any other type and offers the following characteristics:

  • constant air permeability all over the surface to guaranty no dead zones, demixing and hole formation…..
  • smooth surface, stable in size
  • lower adhesive
  • high resistance to abrasion,
  • high tensile strength in warp and weft