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Felt polishing discs

Dollfus & Muller supplies polishing felt discs in various shapes, sizes and hardness according to customers' specific needs, made out of 100% fine micron sheep wool. Hardness is normally categorized in three densities, soft, medium and hard.

Dollfus & Muller's wool felt wheels and rings are used for polishing, buffing & scratch removing on a wide variety of surfaces such as metals, plastic, marble, granite & glass. They have the following characteristics :

  • Good wearability to make polished goods clean and bright
  • Can be used with polishing liquid,polishing paste, polishing powder at the same time to reach better effect.
  • Can be used either flat or on the side

Dollfus & Muller's polishing felts have the following uses :

  • To polish glass, glass utensils, crystal, marble, jadeware, furniture…
  • To polish stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts, big shaped stainless steel crafts
  • To polish plastic outer covering, electronic component
  • For auto polishing