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Our partners


UCMTFUCMTF, member of the European CEMATEX, includes all the French textile machinery and spare parts manufacturers, it comprises approximately 35 companies.

Some are world leaders on their markets; others, which often are small and medium size companies, originally family-owned, develop and sell specialized machines with a high technological level.

For all these companies, most of their business is done on export markets: regional export markets in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, but also in the Americas, and increasingly in Asia where the textile business is developing at a quick pace. Exports account for more than 91% of the companies' turnover with a total of approximately 1 Billion Euros (US$ 1,4 billion).

A member of CEMATEX

Europe remains the major Textile Machinery production centre in the world. France ranks fourth after Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Cematex (European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers) comprises the major European national associations. UCMTF is a member of Cematex which owns the major international exhibitions ITMA and ITMA Asia.

UCMTF therefore takes part in the decisions made by CEMATEX for the organisation of our industry and of its exhibitions.



AFICTICAfictic includes all the French tanneries, their suppliers and costumers.

Afictic has 4 local departments and is a sharing place for technical exchanges between companies. Links between companies and information is shared through the different meetings.























































































Pôle Textile Alsace includes most of the companies located in Alsace related with the manufacturing of textile and technical textiles.




The goal of this association is to develop connections between the Alsacian textile companies and has four goals :

- share information,

- develop new products,

- win new markets

- and improve the know how.

This association located in the University has a close partnership with the textile and mechanical schools.




UITUIT, member of the MEDEF, is a professional association founded in 1900 of the French textile companies.


It includes more than 1000 members, and has three major goals :


 - improve the working conditions of the French textile companies

 - lobbying for the French textile factories

- improve the know how of the French textile companies