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Belts for dryers

Dollfus & Muller's open mesh belts can be used in dryers for many different industries : textile, food for dried products, tobacco, ...


The dryer belts were traditionally made of metal. But metal belts are very expensive, their weight is important and requires consequently heavy motors. Besides, they keep the temperature and, in some occasions, this can damage the conveyed product.


Dollfus & Muller offers a wide range of dryer open mesh conveyor belts that has been developped with many machine makers more specialy for the textile industry processing. In this industry, metal belts are almost no longer used in dryers.


Dollfus & Muller manufactures more than 30 different styles of dryer belts with different characteristics : various temperature resistances, various openings, various surfaces and various strengths. The dryer belts are supplied endless with different joint styles and edge reinforcement styles. 


Dollfus & Muller belts and felts for Printed fabrics.pdf