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Dollfus & Muller Quality

Dollfus & Muller, the original felts and belts

Close partnership with the majority of the Original Equipment Manufacturers

Dollfus & Muller high quality felts and beltsDollfus & Muller manufactures the most reliable original felts and belts.

Its products are very long lasting, they have been developed and improved directly with the machine makers. Its R&D team works continuously for process improvements, development of long lasting and reliable products as well as better finishing.


Dollfus & Muller supplies felts and belts for many machines in Textile finishing processing : Ferraro, Lafer, Santex, Monti, Bruckner, SPGPrints, Efi Reggiani, Buser, Zimmer, Monforts, Morrison, Dhall, Biella Shrunk, TMT, …


Dollfus & Muller supplies felts for many Tannery machines : Bauce, Bergi, Rotopress, Escomar, CM, Mostardini, Rotopia, Rizzi, …


Dollfus & Muller continuous quality controls


the Dollfus & Muller factory : One of the numerous heat setting endless felt calenders

the Dollfus & Muller factory : Length measurement at each stage of the technical textile processing

the Dollfus & Muller factory : The Dollfus & Muller woven fabrics during their transformthe Dollfus & Muller factory : The Dollfus & Muller woven fabrics during their transformation into textile printing dryer beltsation into textile printing dryer belts

the Dollfus & Muller factory : The needle punching department chief controlling its production

the Dollfus & Muller factory : Felt thickness control during production

the Dollfus & Muller factory : quality control made continuously on each production at the on-site laboratory


the Dollfus & Muller factory : R&D made at the on-site laboratory