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Airslide fabrics for Alumina processing

AIRCO aeroslideThe Dollfus & Muller's fluidization fabric called AIRCO is ideal for the alumina transportation : many smelters are using it in their airslides. It improves alumina conveying as buffer silos, siphon smelter pots and fluidized bottom for filters.

The Dollfus & Muller's fluidization fabrics are well known for their very low porosity. For instance, the quality AIRCO 4401 has been developped many years ago for some specific AP Aluminium Pechiney process.

The other very popular fluidization fabric available is the AIRCO 4402 with a higher porosity used for standard alumina processes.

The construction of the Dollfus & Muller's fluidization fabrics are consistent across the full product area in order to offer an homogeneous and ideal fluidization of the alumina.

The very low porosity of the AIRCO 4401 helps to reduce processing costs and reduces the ecological impact by using less energy. The lengths of the airslides are shorter.

The AIRCO fluidization fabrics from Dollfus & Muller are as well used for other metal production industry such as the copper processing.


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