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What is NOMEX® / KEVLAR® ?

Chemical Formula of the NOMEX® / KEVLAR®

                      Nomex/ Kevlar molecule         Nomex/ Kevlar chemical formula

Generalities of the NOMEX® / KEVLAR®


Nomex® is a brand of high performances synthetic fibres. The Nomex® was the first aramid commercialised (in 1961 by the company DuPont de Nemours). It’s a meta-aramid: the poly (m-phenyleneisophtalamid). The abbreviation is MPD-I. This fibre, like each aramid, can be used in extreme conditions. Thanks to its low combustibility and its thermostability, this material is used for safety materials. For example, the Nomex® fabric is used on the manufacturing of fireman clothes.


The poly(p-phenylneterephtalamide) (PPD-T) is a polymer composed of aromatic nucleuses separated by amid groups. It’s belonging to aramid fibres family. The poly-para-phenylene terephtalamide was discovered and commercialised under the trademark « KEVLAR® ». This material was found in 1965 by Stéphanie Kwolek and Herbert Blades, researchers of the company DuPont de Nemours. The company decides to call this polymer “ KEVLAR®”. It was commercialised in 1972.

Dollfus & Muller is using Nomex® to manufacture Nomex® belts and Nomex® felts for printing dryer belts, sublimation transfer felts, compacting felts. Other aramids like Nomex® and Kevlar® are now available.

Physical Characteristics of the NOMEX® / KEVLAR®

  • Low resistance against ultraviolet rays
  •  Low absorption of humidity (4%)


  • Density : 1.38


  • Density : 1.44

Thermical Characteristics of the NOMEX® / KEVLAR®

  • Marginal loss of mechanical performances under high temperature
  • No thermical dilation
  • High resistance against fire (decomposition at 400-425 °C)

Mechanical Characteristics of the NOMEX® / KEVLAR®

  • High resistance to the traction
  • High elasticity
  • Excellent resistance to the shocks and the tiredness
  • Absorption of the vibrations
  • Very good resistance to compression

Chemical Characteristics of the NOMEX® / KEVLAR®

  • Good chemical behaviour towards fuels and sea water
  • Moderately resistant to the strong acids and basics

Nomex®and Kevlar® are DuPont de Nemours registered trademarks