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What is PEEK ?

Chemical Formula of the PEEK

            PEEK molecule   PEEK chemical formula

 Generalities of the PEEK

Dollfus & Muller is using in PEEK in PEEK belts for printing dryer belts.

The Polyetheretherketone pointed out by the abbreviation PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone), is a polymer commercialised in 1978 by ICI.

The PEEK is a thermoplastic semi cristalline, thermostable with a high price. The PEEK is used for example to reinforce carbon fibre structures or the coating of mechanical pieces non lubricate, also for the surgical prosthesis.

Physical Characteristics of the PEEK

• Density : 1.32

Thermical Characteristics of the PEEK

• Very resistant to the thermical degradation

• Temperature of glassy transition : 143 °C

• Fusion point : about 343 °C

Mechanical Characteristics of the PEEK

 • Excellent mechanical properties even at high temperature

 • Young Module : 3.6 GPa

• Maximum constraint : 90 - 100 MPa

• Elongation : 50%

Chemical Characteristics of the PEEK

• Excellent chemical resistance even at high temperature

• Very resistant to the organic and aqueous environments and to solvents

• Moderately resistant to acids. The PEEK can be attacked by the halogens, the strong acids of Bronsted and Lewis as well as some composed halogens and aromatical hydrocarbures.