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What is PTFE?

Chemical Formula of the PTFE

                 Teflon molecule     Teflon chemical formula

Generalities of the PTFE

Dollfus & Muller is manufacturing PTFE coated belts for printing dryers and relax dryers and PTFE sheets which are used as compactor introductory sheets.

PTFE (etymology: tetra-fluoroethylen + on ending for plastic materials) is the registered trademark since 1945 for polytetrafluoroethylen (PTFE) in common language from the American company DuPont de Nemours. This Polymer is thermostable, has a huge chemical inertia and an anti sticking power.

Physical characteristics of the PTFE

  • Density: 2.2
  • Friction Coefficient: 0.05 to 0.1 (3rd most down friction coefficient, after the BAM and the diamond carbon)
  • The only surface on which a gecko cannot climb (thanks to its resistance to Van de Waals forces)

Thermical Characteristics of the PTFE

• Properties deterioration : 260 °C

• Decomposition point : 350 °C

• In high temperature emit a harmful gas 

Mechanical characteristics of the PTFE

• Young Module : 0.5 GPa

• Maximum constraint : 23 MPa

 Chemical Characteristics of the PTFE

• Chemically inert

• High resistance to the corrosion