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PTFE sheets

Compactor and Tensionless dryer PTFE sheets

Teflon sheetsFor a better introduction of the knitted fabric and its shrinkage adjustment, Dollfus & Muller is supplying different kinds of PTFE-coated sheets (100% modified PTFE, or with Kevlar® and fibreglass fabrics) of all thicknesses which can be used on the compactors or tensionless dryers.

Inside the Santex dryers, the PTFE-coated sheet is also called Jumping device, it is used to give the overfeed at the entrance of the dryer.

“The Ferraro Teflon®” has the particularity to have a much longer life than the other products available, but has a different maintenance : you cannot cut it when its end is damaged.

These PTFE sheets or PTFE shoes are used on the following machines : Ferraro, Santex, Sperotto, Lafer, Albrecht, Serteks, Heliot, Ruckh, Monforts, Brückner, Jiangyin Jintian, Dilmenler, Weiss, Hung Jyi, Lafer Türk, Mersan, Bianco, Dong Nam, BH Tech, Fong’s, Poong Kwang, Muzzi, Ssang Ho, Monti, I Kuang,…


Machine types Machines Recommended products
 Insight Quality Composition Thickness
Relax dryers Santex  TAMIP GT 00/70 AS TAMIP GT 00/70 AS "Jumping device" : Fibreglass coated with PTFE including
carbon to prevent from static electricity
700 µ
Relax dryers Ruckh, Albrecht  TAMIP GT 00/25 TAMIP GT 00/25 Fibreglass coated with PTFE  250 µ
Ferraro, Santex,
 TAMIP GT 00/140 TAMIP T 00/140 100% Teflon® with one bevelled edge 1400 µ
Santex before 2001
 TAMIP KT 00/45 TAMIP KT 00/45 100% Kevlar® coated with Teflon®
for machines erected before 2001
450 µ
Sperotto, Lafer  TAMIP GT 00/35 TAMIP GT 00/35 Fibreglass coated with Teflon® 350 µ
Sperotto,  Lafer  TAMIP GT 00/25 TAMIP GT 00/25 Fibreglass coated with Teflon® 250 µ
 TAMIP GT 00/69 TAMIP GT 00/69 Fibreglass coated with Teflon® 690 µ

Teflon® and Kevlar® are DuPont de Nemours registered trademarks